Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Urgh. And a few other things.

Frustration. I wrote a brilliant piece two days ago about the Academy Awards and went to hit "publish post" and........ gone. Drat!

I was so mad that I shunned Blogger for two days.

And now I'm back and I'm over it. (Almost).

Sooooo - the juicing books arrived from the publisher today! That means I'm closing off the drawing at 7pm tonight (Pacific) and all you have to do is leave a comment and you'll be in the drawing. I'll contact you tomorrow if you win.

And now.........for the special juicing announcement that will most likely make you laugh. This is so embarrassing, but I'm telling you anyway, because thats what I do.

Theres a magazine called Womens World and I'm gonna be on the cover in a few weeks. Cherie Calbom (the Juice Lady) wrote a piece on juicing and used me as one of her examples, and the magazine picked up the story. And since I go along with the story...well, I'm flying to LA for a little photo shoot on Monday.

I'm all kinds of nervous. I've never done anything like this before! But I just knew that I had to say yes when they offered because I don't want to be the girl who turned down the chance to be on a magazine. I mean, my mom is gonna be so proud! She'll save it in a little box with all my report cards from elementary school or something. And my Texas cousins can see it because its a National magazine. I think I'm gonna keep it a secret from most of them, and see if they do a double-take next time they're in the checkout line at the grocery store. Like "My that girl looks a lot like Sarah - wait a minute..."

I told one of my friends about this and she said "Womens World! That transports me right to my Grandmothers couch!" I laughed and laughed. Told her I'd autograph her Grandmas copy if she liked.

I'd never heard of Womens World before this - but now I see it everywhere. I was at Walmart the other day and it was right at the front check stand next to People and US Weekly. So I guess I'll be competing with Brangelina in a month or so.

The magazine comes out in late March I think - I'm sure I'll learn more on Monday. I'll tell you all about the shoot, too, if you're interested. I know I'd be interested if it was happening to someone else! Sounds so glamorous! Wardrobe, makeup, the whole 9. If you are thinking about following me on Twitter, now would be a good time, because I update that a lot more often than the blog.

Ok. Thats all. I'm done now.


anne said...

How awesome! I can't wait to hear more about it all. Please take your camera with you...details are a must! :) So exciting...congrats!

malerie said...

That is just too great!

Make it on the Jeopardy show and win money.

Speak at a woman's conference. check.

Make the cover for a nation magazine.

Seriously woman, what can't you do!? :)

malerie said...

*national :)

Tara Severson said...

That is so neat Sarah. I have been juicing everyday since I called you about the ginger question. I love it (the idea of it not so much the taste). Hunter wakes up in the morning and asks if I juiced yet?

Sarah Taylor said...


It was Wheel Of Fortune.

Get it straight.

CallinaP said...

Can I pre-order 25 copies of Women's World? So glad I'm already a subscriber! ;) ...

Liz Jordan said...

I am so getting a copy of this!! WOW!! You will be stunning on the cover! Juice mustache??

Eva Foster said...

You are HILARIOUS! Why are you embarrassed? It's wonderful!!! I have yet to start juicing because my husband packed the juicer away in anticipation of our move! I better win a book!! :) Just kidding. Well, kind of. I heard you and Tom talking about juicing this afternoon.

Vannoys said...

That is RAD! My (and I) kids are going to want copies!
Have fun! We will be praying for you!

Ms. Catherine Pettitt said...

Man, I'm gonna have to wait in line to post a comment to your blog after this! Talk about frustration.

Just kidding.

Congratulations. You're definitely deserving of this!!

malerie said...

What!? Jeopardy! What was I thinking? I knew it was Wheel of Fortune. I must be pregnant or something.

Cliff and Dana said...

Congrats, that is so exciting! :) So, I bought the Juiceman Pro. I am officially a "juicer." Now when we go to the store to get what I need my husband asks, "Are you sure that this is what Sarah says to get?" (He likes to tease me) :) Juicing so far is awesome! Thanks for the tips from your juicing experience. I hope I am looking like a cover girl in a few months. :) I am not going to turn orange from drinking so many I??? lol

Ball family updates said...

Oh...darn. I will be in Indonesia when it comes out. Tell Channah to get one for me and give it to me when we come to visit in July, please. Better yet, take Channah for your photo shoot so she can help you get ready! Your walk on's on the 105.3 websites make you look great. Is Channah a juicer???? What can't you guys do?

Nancy Oren Wilson said...

holy Seattle cousin is going to be on the cover of Women's World Magazine??? This is going to send all the Texas cousin's right over the TOP!!! I'm so excited! Now I understand what that blog was all about of your Mom's the other day. Ohhhh, this is so great!

Felton/Casey said...

What? Grandma's couch? I love Women's World! Seriously, I just turned 30 and have been reading it for years. I not only love some of the heart warming stories and great tips, but it seriously has a great recipe section. My mom buys it every week and then when she is done reading it she brings it to me. I may actually have to buy this copy myself though because I can't wait until it comes out.

The Mama said...

I dito Malerie's comments.. Such an inspiration to all us fellow momma, blogger, wifey's out there.. I will look for your "cover shoot" with excitement.. :)

itschristyb said...

This is the first time I've commented on your blog. I am a listening fan of you in my car! I love the stories you share of your daughter and your cheerful personality. Thanks for your encouragment on the air! My daughter is a little younger than Olivia so I love listening to you share what's going on b/c I know that I'll probably be experiencing the same thing(s) in a few short months to follow! While I'm here
I wanted to ask you two things...
#1- have you ever heard of the blog, "i heart faces"??? It's a photography blog and some of the pictures you take would be GREAT on there. I thought you may enjoy it! Check it out if you haven't already!
#2- Okay, this may be a strange question (sorry!) but has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Ally the host on the Biggest Loser? I'm sorry! I just started watching that show this season but every time I see her I think you guys could be sisters! :) LOL!
Anyhow, I thought I would ask!
Thanks for all you do on Spirit 105.3. You are a blessing! ~Christy

sunflowerlin said...

That is so exciting!
Juicing sounds so fun and foreign!

Felton/Casey said...

I finally got to see you in person...Yay! My pastors took several of us to the Chris Tomlin concert. It was great! We were seated on the floor and you were about to walk right by us...Then you turned and went the other way in the crowd. Oh well! Maybe another day. Oh yeah, and my pastor's wife apparently saw you at the women's conference and thought that you were great. Take care! Oh yeah, and still waiting for a post on how the photo shoot went. Yay for juicing!