Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Favorite Baby Gear

A friend of mine asked for Baby Shower gift ideas - so I thought I'd put a few of my favorites here. Feel free to add your favorite must-haves in the comments section!

1. See Kai Run: Olivia is so particular about the shoes she wears. When I found this company, I was sold! They are the cutest, most durable and comfortable shoes. I only wish they made grown-up sizes!

2. Diapees & Wipees: I've never been a fan of the big diaper bag - so I love carrying just the essentials in my purse. This *adorable* little cloth bag holds a few diapers and a few wipes. Just what we need.

3. Baby Legs: I'm guessing you've already heard of these. If not, think legwarmers specificlly designed for baby's chubby legs. They were created by a mom (duh) who wanted to keep little legs warm in the Pacific Northwest. Now they're all over the world.

Those are just a few of my favorite gift ideas. Do you have a favorite shower gift to give?


Melody said...

I have a website that I love to buy my Babylegs and lots of other great stuff from....mom4life.com . They have free shipping on EVERY order! It is owned by a really sweet christian mama in Idaho. She has amazing customer service and a really great variety of products. I know, it must sound like I get paid to advertise for her or something :) It's just such a great site, I love to pass it along any chance I get.

One of my favorite items is the Moby Wrap. It is a fantastic carrier, really inexpensive, versatile, and comfortable!

Michelle said...

Hi Sarah, I listen to you on the radio & occasionally check out your blog. My son is just a little older than Olivia, so a lot of what you talk about is familiar. :)

A baby product that I LOVE is this shopping cart cover. My friend (who lives in Texas) makes them, and they are amazing!! Her website is www.kozypalcartcovers.com
I love the one I have, and like to give them as shower gifts!

Kalyn said...

I came across your blog while checking the Spirit website. I like to give customized burp cloths to people I know. I make them with the baby's name on them and in fabrics that match the parents' taste. Something cute and personalized.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend (pinkgiraffe.net) and she makes the cutest monogrammed baby gifts. I usually go with a monogrammed burp cloth and bip set! I loved personalized gifts!

macalla said...

Yes, mom4life is great. I buy stuff from her website all the time.