Friday, October 26, 2007

Electrical Engineer?

My little explorer.

Ferdinand Magellan. Christopher Colombus. Lewis....Clark....Olivia.

Shes getting so big and so curious. I try and keep her in the baby cage (background of pictures) but she pushes against the gate and prys it open. She loves to be free.

My girl is 10 months old now. She cracks me up with her four-toothed smile. Last night, I was on the floor and she was behind me - and she crawled right up to my back and bit it! I was like "EXCUSE ME? DID YOU JUST BITE MAMA?" and she laughed and laughed.

Her favorite time of day is when she sees daddy and they dance in the living room. She likes to be chased - she squeels. She would play with outlets all day if we let her (we don't) and she'd torment the kitty all night if we kept them in the same room (we don't).

I love her. She's everything I ever hoped for and more!


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Matt & Eva said...

What a beautiful girl! I can't believe she is 10 months already. As I sit here staring at Mackenzie sleeping in her bouncy seat it's hitting me, they don't stay little forever. It makes me so sad. As of 11/30 I'll have a whole month free so we'll need to get our girls together again!